The Chicken Sandwiches 16.07.2009

These chicken sandwiches have been a staple for race days, wedding, birthdays, several funerals, and hot nights when the idea of turning on an appliance is more than you can handle. They really are the best.


2 loaves of white bread (the most nutritionally bereft you can find) 1 party chicken (BBQ chicken from the supermarket or charcoal chicken emporium) 1 jar of Thomy mayonnaise 1 tub of sour cream (do not get that light stuff – it is just a waste of everyone’s time) 1 bunch of chives salt and pepper


If you have just bought the chicken, allow it to cool a little so that it is not too hot to handle. If you have had the chicken in the fridge, take it out for a half hour or so before you plan to use it –otherwise I swear you will have frostbite by the time you are done.

Using your fingers strip all of the meat off the chicken and shred it into a big bowl. Include a little of the tastiest crunchy bits of the skin, but definitely not all of the skin.

When all the chicken is in the bowl add several tablespoons of mayo and sour cream, you want a ratio of about 1/3 mayo to 2/3 sour cream. Add salt and pepper to taste. Snip chives with a pair of scissors into bowl, as much as you like, you can always add more later. Mix thoroughly. If the chicken is very finely shredded then it will look a bit like mousse at this stage. Add more mayo, sour cream or chives depending if needed.

Make sandwiches. Don’t be too mingy with the chicken mix and make sure you spread it right to edges of the bread. Usually I cut them into points, but if it is a very special occasion I might consider cutting off the crusts and cutting into fingers.

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Ciannon hates restaurants that have desserts listed on a separate menu that is only revealed at the end of the night. How is one to adequately prepare?

Comments on The Chicken Sandwiches

Virginia Murdoch on 28 July 2009:

My chicken (mum's) sandwich recipe is quite similar - definitely Thomy mayo! - but also includes finely-sliced celery, and replaces chives with finely chopped spring onions. I am capable of nomming any type of chicken sandwich in unseemly quantities. Nom.

Ninjamoeba on 30 April 2010:

Americans like do things like add sliced white grapes to their chicken sandwiches.

I like adding a bit of the stuffing into the mixture. Gives it that certain gee nay say quo.

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