This is a place for a bunch of friends to share recipes with each other and anybody else who might be interested.

It was designed and put together by me, Virginia, using Blueprint, the magnificent publishing tool invented at the Labs.


Virginia Murdoch

Virginia makes web things and food things. Mainly bread. Oh, bread.

Susannah Chambers

Susannah eats and edits and reads, and dreams of a vegetable garden with raised beds.

Sophie Cunningham

Sophie is a writer and eater. She blogs and photographs and plays with the kittens.

Huw Murdoch

Huw has few qualities.

Ingrid Richardson

Ingrid is slowly and conscientiously sampling her way through the food of Southern Vietnam.

Helen Walpole

Helen is an adventurer and PNT’s soon-to-be European Vanuatu Correspondent. She is generally a vegetarian but has a guilty fondness for fish.

Ben Handicott

Word is, Ben bakes a mean cake

Tom Stringer

There are items and then there are Items.

Michelle de Kretser

Mike Pottenger

Ciannon Cazaly

Ciannon hates restaurants that have desserts listed on a separate menu that is only revealed at the end of the night. How is one to adequately prepare?

Carolyn Fraser

Carolyn is Girl Printer.

Matt Willis

Matt likes eating whole buffalo mozarella balls like an apple,hard-working muscles that have been slowly roasted, and the smell of onions cooking…

Robert Corr

The Fine Print

Copyright of recipes is a blurry legal area. Most of the recipes on this site come, at some point in their histories, from recipe books, and usually they're attributed and their original authors linked to. But we don't want to piss anybody off or infringe on anybody's rights... if you're the author or publisher of any of the original recipes, and you'd really rather we didn't share your work online, please get in touch.


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