Salted Peanut Brittle 18.04.2009

Gourmet Traveller had a recipe for banana splits in the February ‘09, the crowning glory of which was peanut brittle.


  • 80 gms raw, hulled peanuts (practically impossible to find; I bought ‘blanched’ peanuts from the Korean in Brunswick Street)
  • 110 gms caster sugar


Scatter the caster sugar across the bottom of a frying pan and heat on medium-high until the sugar caramelises (3-5 minutes). Once it's all amber and beautiful, chuck in the peanuts and a bit of sea salt and mix it all together. Gourmet Traveller recommends an 'oiled fork' for this task, but that's Gourmet Traveller for you.

Spread the goop onto an oiled tray and allow it to set and cool before chopping up roughly and sprinkling on, well, your breakfast cereal for a start. I can imagine it being spectacular just stirred through vanilla ice-cream (perhaps with a bit of chocolate sauce over the top), and of course with the full banana split palaver it was magic. Mm.

TIp for getting burnt sugar off cutlery and pans: boiling water.

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