Chicken Marinade 23.04.2009

I inherited this marinade from my Malaysian friend Hock. I don’t think it’s especially Malaysian, but it sure is the tasty business. Works best with chicken breast on the BBQ, but whatevs.


  • Peanut/vegetable/canola oil (something light – anything other than olive oil)
  • Sesame oil
  • Oyster sauce
  • Fish sauce
  • Soy sauce
  • Chinese five-spice
  • Dried chili flakes


There's no real science to this - just bung it all in a bowl or dish with highish sides.

Proportions (volume):

Most - You want the bulk of the marinade to be the oil.

Second most - Would be the oyster and soy sauce (roughly the same of each).

Then - a bit of fish sauce, not heaps - just, you know, a bit.

Finally - Add as much five-spice (which gives the stuff you're cooking a bit of a crust) and chili as you want. You'll only need a little of the sesame oil, cos it's pretty strong.

Give it a stir so it's all nicely mixed together.

Whack in your chicken and get it good and submerged/covered with marinade.

Cover with Glad Wrap or similar and put it in the fridge for a while (half an hour will work, one hour is better, three is best - if you can wait for longer, you're a more organised human than I).

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Comments on Chicken Marinade

Virginia on 23 April 2009:

You know what's really unfair? Posting new recipes when I am already STARVING from boot-pain.

Zopsy on 23 April 2009:

Awesome, thanks T9 (and Hock).

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