Brussels Sprouts Pasta 22.11.2013

This has many variations, depending on what’s to hand. But I am definitely a fan of adding a bit of red wine vinegar at the end to get some of that sourness that cuts down on the flubby fartiness of the Brussels.


  • a bagful of Brussels sprouts (500gms? slightly more?), shitty outer bits discarded, sliced into crumbly discs
  • ¾ cup of breadcrumbs, or, even better, 1.5 cups of roughly torn stale bread
  • a small chunk of pancetta, chopped finely
  • some red wine vinegar
  • parmesan cheese or pecorino
  • olive oil
  • a few whole cloves of garlic
  • pasta!


First up, heat some olive oil until it’s very hot, and fry the cubed bread in it. Add a bunch of salt and pepper, and let the bread crisp up a bit (but not go too crispy). Set the croutons aside on some paper towel and wipe out the frying pan.

Put the pasta on to cook around now, probably.

Heat another couple of tablespoons of olive oil in the pan and add the whole cloves of garlic and the sliced pancetta. After a few minutes, add the slice Brussels sprouts and saute them for a few minutes so that they get some dark yummy bits and generally soften. But not too much, because it’s nice if they retain a bit of bite.

Add the croutons and mix them through, then add a couple of good slugs of red wine vinegar. Keep on the heat for a few seconds more, and then turn off the gas. When the pasta’s ready, drain it and add it to the pan to combine.

Put in bowls, put cheese on top, add some herbs if you have some lying around.


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