Best caprese salad 22.02.2010

My reward for helping mum with some computing tasks on the weekend was a plate of her caprese salad, accompanied by some crusty bread, olives and a few slices of Istra prosciutto. Since buffalo mozzarella is like smack to my fellow Nomists at the moment, I’ve put together some tips for the perfect caprese.


  • Two large balls of buffalo mozzarella
  • A dozen absolutely perfect juicy mini-truss tomatoes
  • 3 ripe ripe ripe sweet larger tomatoes (dark-coloured ones for style points)
  • A handful of basil straight from the garden
  • Top-shelf extra virgin olive oil
  • Too many salt flakes

  • Warmed bread for mopping up with


Alongside THE BEST tomatoes you can find, the key to this salad is oil and salt, and lots of it - never vinegar, since the acidity of the tomatoes is the perfect foil for the velvety oil, and vinegar just stomps all over it (plus it stains the beautiful white mozzarella). So:

Halve the mini tomatoes and slice the other tomatoes and the mozzarella thickly. Arrange on a plate in whichever visually pleasing manner you desire.

Sprinkle lavishly with salt flakes. Now's not the time to worry about your arteries, people: this is special salad, and the salt makes everything so perky. Then, drizzle with olive oil - mum fairly hosed the plate with the stuff. Throw your basil leaves (tear or chop the larger ones) on top and allow to stand for several minutes so that the oil soaks into the tomatoes a bit.

Serve with bread, which you can use to mop up the ample juice left over once you've scoffed the salad.


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