Awesome Muesli Recipe 12.03.2012

Make your own muesli! Make it now! Muesli is the new black.


*750g oats

*125 g raw cashews

*125 g flaked almonds

*125 g pepitas

*50g sesame seeds

*40g linseeds

*a bit under a half cup of oil

*a bit under a half cup of leatherwood honey

*100g shaved coconut


This muesli is a modification of a muesli recipe that Virginia’s mother Helen at The Islington Hotel in Hobart. It’s really delicious. Not too oaty, and not too sweet.

Put mix in a shallow baking trays (leave room to add coconut towards the end of baking)

In a pot mix oil and leatherwood honey, bring to boil and mix thoroughly through mixture.

Bake in oven for approx 25 mins AT 170C. Stir every five minutes or so or the mixture will burn. Add coconut between trays in the last 5 minutes of cooking (it will burn if you add it at the beginning).

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Comments on Awesome Muesli Recipe

Huw on 12 March 2012:

This is delicious. I quartered this recipe and still ended up with more than a full large jar of the stuff, so you can happily do that if it’s easier.

Sophie Cunningham on 12 March 2012:

Actually, I’ve halved the quantities since Huw left that message because it does make such a large amount.

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